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Have just created this shop and still getting used to woocommerce. On the above link, above the category headings and images, are the words "Backsaver – Classic RV Towaid" which is the first item listed in the first category. I don't wan't this appearing here, instead on each page I want it to show what category the shopper is in.

So on the main page shop front I just want it to stay "Store" or something similar, and then on the Accessories category page I want it to say Accessories.

How can I get it to do this? Where do I need to edit and what do I need to put in?

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Screencaps might be helpful instead of having to go to your site and figure out what you want. This also sounds like a problem with your theme, because by default WooCommerce doesn't exhibit this behavior. Does your theme have a woocommerce templates folder? –  helgatheviking Oct 22 '13 at 9:08

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