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right now my images are outputting like this when I add them to my posts:

<a rel="highslide" class="highslide" href="http://domain.com/news/1013/filename.png"><img src="http://domain.com/news/1013/filename.png" alt="" width="200" height="279" class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-31055" /></a>

I am using this code to add the highslide rel and class attributes to the image:

    function add_highslide_attr( $html ) {
    preg_match_all('/(<a[^>]*>)(.*)/i', $html, $result);

    if( !isset($result) || !isset($result[1][0]) || ! $result[1][0] )
        return $html;

    $anchor = $result[1][0];

    if( strstr($anchor, 'rel=') )
        $anchor = str_replace('rel="', 'rel="highslide ', $anchor);
        $anchor = str_replace('href=', 'rel="highslide" href=', $anchor);

    if( strstr($anchor, 'class=') )
        $anchor = str_replace('class="', 'class="highslide ', $anchor);
        $anchor = str_replace('href=', 'class="highslide" href=', $anchor);

    $html = $anchor . $result[2][0];

    return $html;
add_filter( 'image_send_to_editor', 'add_highslide_attr', 10 );

I was wondering if anyone knew how to remove the class part and its attributes from the image tag (the class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-31055" part). It would also be cool to remove "domain.com" as well. I've researched this issue for several hours now and the code I've found hasn't worked, so I thought I would ask here. Thank you!

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