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I'm trying to optimize my header and I was wondering which plugin would call jquery. Is there a debugging tool to know which plugin is doing what in the header ?

Thanks !

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Plugins and themes tend to use wp_enqueue_script() to queue up scripts for the <head /> of your theme.

I would rarely advise this, but since you only need to do it temporarily, you could modify WordPress core and run a debug backtrace for every call to this function.

In wp-includes/functions.wp-scripts.php, drop the following code inside the end of the wp_enqueue_script() function (starts at line 96).

global $_script_callers_backtrace;
if ( !$_script_callers_backtrace )
    $_script_callers_backtrace = array();

$backtrace = debug_backtrace();
$_script_callers_backtrace[] = array( $handle, $backtrace[0]['file'] );

Now pop the following in your theme's functions.php;

function __save_script_callers()
    file_put_contents( WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/callers.' . date('d-m-Y-H-i-s')  . '.log', print_r( $GLOBALS['_script_callers_backtrace'], true ) ); 
add_action( 'shutdown', '__save_script_callers' );

Now whenever you load a page on your website, a log gets generated in your WordPress wp-content folder that'll contain a list of the script handlers and the files that triggered them.

Remember! Undo the changes once you've found out what you need!

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Thanks ! I also found out about the wp_enqueue_style function, which allowed me to remove the calls to very small css files. – Jonathan Mar 14 '11 at 10:26

There is a nifty little function called debug_filters() which lists the callbacks registered on a certain hook.

You would call from your theme, at the end of the header.php file for example:

<?php debug_filters('wp_head'); ?>
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Nice! But surely that's no guarantee it'll show all plugins firing wp_enqueue_script()? Only ones hooked to wp_head? – TheDeadMedic Mar 14 '11 at 10:28
Sure, but it's a starting point. You could also pass 'template_redirect', to catch more. – scribu Mar 14 '11 at 10:56

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