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I have a photoblog with contents dating back to 2004. I first started using Movable Type then migrated to Wordpress sometime in 2007.

I was using a theme that uses post excerpt with link to image thumbnail for the archive pages. My archive pages worked fine using this theme.

I recently changed theme and started using featured image for my archive page, which I used the plugin Auto Post Thumbnail to generate post thumbnails from image attached to post. Using the new theme, I have an archive page that shows post thumbnails using the featured image. Archive pages for years pre-2007 shows broken images.

Using media library, I noticed my list of attached files stops at year 2007. I checked my server, my pre-2007 files are there, but they're not 'registered' in media library.

  1. When updating a post (pre-2007), a duplicate image (whole image, not thumbnail) is re-uploaded to the folder /archive/2013/10. This messed up my file organisation. How do I make Wordpress stop re-uploading a duplicate image?
  2. What do I do to make images uploaded pre-2007 (not uploaded using wordpress) to show in the media library?

Wordpress version: 3.6.1

Theme: Twenty Twelve (child theme with modifications)

Archive page with broken images http://ayutheos.com/2004/

Individual posts shows images just fine e.g. http://ayutheos.com/2004/12/31/sunset-3/

This is driving me crazy! Any help is very much appreciated.

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