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Hi there,

I am having problems with W3TC Minification of JS and CSS on automatic mode. Since I have alot of wordpress websites, auto mode would be the best way to go for me. It would take alot of time to feed script names to manual mode for each site. Minification is the ONLY resource I have active on W3TC, I do not need anything else fornow.

Anyway, minification is generating files with filename too big. Too big that they cannot be created by debian (filename too long error). I do not understand, first of all, how W3TC comes up with those strings for file name? What is the logic?

Files are getting minified and served on the fly and no cache is being saved on disk.

Second, I do not understand the effect of the options "Disable minify automatic file name length test" and "Filename length:", since I change them and see no effect other then a slight change in the generated file name - but it is still too big. Also the generation seems to not respect the "Filename length:" option.

Below are a generated filenames:


Thats like 320 characters long.

If I want filenames that can be created on disk by Debian, I need to tick "Disable minify automatic file name length test" and set Filename Lenght to 100. That way I get a bunch of files (soo much for combining), but the lenght is okay.

If I seed filename lenght to 80, files are created and served from cache just fine.

 |-- M9QvL9AtSk1OLChJzkjUh7MA.css
|-- M9QvL9BNLi0uyc9NLdItSi3LTC0vxiYGAA.js
|-- M9RPz89Pz0nVLcgpLdbNz0vVTSotKcnP002q1M3OLdZPL8iPB0kBZQA.css
|-- M9RPz89Pz0nVTU7MSc1LSSzSTS1LzSsp1s8CosLS1KJK3cKSzAIA.js
|-- M9TP0i3OyC8qSc5PSS3WT0_MyUktqizLTC3XzyrWzyosBfL0SjJzU4uKdQ31jAA.js
|-- M9TP0i3OyC8qSc5PSS3WTy4u1s8qLE0tqtQvzs3PL8nIS4WL6JZm6hrqWehZ6iWXFpfk5wIA.css
|-- M9TP0i3OyC8qSc5PSS3WTy4u1s9KrNQxRBVOT8zJSS2qLMtMLYcoKSwFcvWQhHWN9QwA.css
|-- M9TPSi0pSEzO1s_NTynNSS3WLy9IL8rPyAcA.js
|-- M9TPSi0pSEzO1s_NTynNSS3Wz8nMBpLFJZU5qQA.css
|-- M9YvzdTPKixNLarUK83US0xOzi9KyczP08vNzAMA.js
|-- M9bPKixNLarUMYYydHMz04sSS1L1cjPzdEz0i8vT8pOyUpNLdAz1swsykxOLE3XTE3NygCr1izMSU_LLk_IrECwA.js
|-- PcVBDoAwCATAD0lIn0TohqhYGkGNv_fmXKaxRZiDVByjy0m4MSpZM9kUlPU6lsYbaorufES_HMnP2g31_wE.css
|-- XYpbCoAgEEU3lIq0omG8TIpoOWa4-8LPPs_DO6lVMgxTRgnUDAZKV5fUCcMot3j2zbtk9Kitcw1YMdH8W6Gc0eaIeNZx3R9ZkMYi1tv9BQ.js
|-- bYpBDoAgEMQ-JEFfZFacKBGBsCsrv9eDxou3tmlvRRGlIaAiWpYW0A12y94Rk1koBJT2-vj4z8ErzUmndH50X5qNO1jSjmIKqofyX7sA.css
|-- bclBDoAgDADBD0mr4UUIDZagRAoSf68eSDxw3NkFg5It5WKTI0FvYqR8X0wNg2A461vwU6Vhhp2PSWPl_iuDTZlG3th5KqNTzCqfPw.js
|-- dclBCoAgEAXQC5kidJ8Q-cRYM5pjhZ2-Fm1atH3Pu4RWQlzcRBJdydoYqmGG8d9K247aLclBOH_ytaFC6YIZXczMkPZAWbtlkhs.js
`-- index.html

Can anyone point me to the right direction, please? The code is too big and complex to navigate. I would like to not have to go there.

Any help is welcome. Best regards.

Edit: It seems W3TC uses SHA-1 for file names, hence the long file names. Problem is my OS cant handle names larger than 250 chars.

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Did you ever find a solution to this? – jannej May 19 '14 at 20:55
Sorry, no. I have moved on to ngx_pagespeed minification and it works great for me. Good luck. – ddutra May 20 '14 at 10:52