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This is a second navigation menu I'm using:

    <ul id="forums">
        <?php $custom_posts = new WP_Query(); ?>
        <?php $custom_posts->query('post_type=bbp_forum'); ?>
        <?php while ($custom_posts->have_posts()) : $custom_posts->the_post(); ?>
            <li><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="<?php printf( esc_attr__( 'Permalink to %s', 'twentyten' ), the_title_attribute( 'echo=0' ) ); ?>" rel="bookmark"><?php the_title(); ?></a></li>
        <?php endwhile; ?>
    </div><!-- #access -->

Is a custom loop which list a custom post type called Forum.

I would like to highlight the current Forum link, like this:

enter image description here

Any suggestions?

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Where is this code located? Is it in the header? Or in single.php? Is it executed only within a single post? – Lea Cohen Mar 13 '11 at 10:19
@Lea Cohen in the header. – janoChen Mar 13 '11 at 18:02
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So, if I understand correctly, when you're on a single post page, you want to have a navigation menu with all the posts of post_type bbp_forum.

I had a similar case (without the post_type, but it's not a problem to add it), and I used code that I found that talked about posts of same category, on single post pages.

The code goes as follows (with customization for post_type):

  <?php global $post; $cat_posts = get_posts('post_type=bbp_forum');
  foreach($cat_posts as $post) : ?>  
    <li <?php if($post->ID == get_the_ID()){ ?>class="cur_post" <?php } ?>>
        <a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="<?php printf( esc_attr__( 'Permalink to %s', 'twentyten' ), the_title_attribute( 'echo=0' ) );  rel="bookmark"?>" ><?php the_title(); ?></a>
  <?php endforeach; ?>

I hope that's what you meant.

P.S - I also see that you have an opening <ul> tag, but a closing <div> tag....

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