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after saving my options for my plugin I am getting the options page not found error. After some research, I found, that I may have forgotten to register my option or registered the wrong one. I checked my code, but I do not find the mistake:

in settings.php

* Register and add settings
public function page_init()
        'general', // Option group
        'my_connect_options' // Option name
        //array( $this, 'sanitize' ) // Sanitize

        'general', // ID
        'General Settings', // Title
        array( $this, 'callback_general_section' ), // Callback
        'my_connect_settings' // Page

        'email', // ID
        __('Email Adress'), // Title 
        array( $this, 'email_callback' ), // Callback
        'my_connect_settings', // Page
        'general' // Section           

public function callback_general_section()
    _e('Set you general settings here.');

public function email_callback()
    printf( '<input type="email" id="email" name="my_connect_options[email]" value="%s" />',
    isset( $this->options['email'] ) ? esc_attr( $this->options['email']) : '');

and in plugin.php

public static function init()

init() is called by the plugins_loaded hook. page_init is called by the admin_init hook

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Please narrow the scope of your question, and show what you've done to troubleshoot. –  Chip Bennett Oct 14 '13 at 19:43

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