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I would like to extend the walker class so that I can show a menu in this format:

<div class="accordion" id="accordion2">

  <div class="accordion-group">
    <div class="accordion-heading first">
      <a class="accordion-toggle" data-toggle="collapse" data-parent="#accordion2" href="#collapse1">
        Top Item
    <div id="collapse1" class="accordion-body collapse">
      <div class="accordion-inner">
        <li>menu item</li>
        <li>menu item</li>
        <li>menu item</li>


I've seen a couple of examples and read the WP Documentation, but I'm still a bit lost on where to start to get it working for this particular issue. Will the start_lvl method start off my submenu items the same way as it did for parent items?

If anybody has seen a solution to this issue before, I'd greatly appreciate a point in the right direction.

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ul, ol, and menu are the only valid parents of an li tag. –  Milo Oct 11 '13 at 20:19

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