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I'm altering my main wp_query in a pre_get_posts filter in order to improve my site search capabilities.

I've successfully achieved searching in taxonomies, but I fail when it comes to the post date ranges. Even the example query in the wp docs don't work for me.

$datequery = array(
            'after'     => 'January 1st, 2013',
            'before'    => array(
                'year'  => 2013,
                'month' => 2,
                'day'   => 28,
            'inclusive' => true,
$query->set('date_query', $datequery);

If I print_r the content of $wp_query->request, it doesn't contain anything related with dates, except for the ordering.

What's wrong?

PS: WP 3.6.1

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Wrong is your WP version, because date_query will be added only in the WP 3.7 – Eugene Manuilov Oct 10 '13 at 13:17
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There is no date_query, not yet, or not in your version of WordPress. From the Codex:

date_query (array) - Date parameters (available with Version 3.7). 

3.7 has not been released, though you can get it via SVN, and you are using 3.6.

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