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When you add a category in the admin-panel, the adminstrator can select it's parent. Something like:

- Category1
-- Subcategory1 to Category1
-- Subcategory2 to Category1
-- Subcategory3 to Category1
- Category2
-- Subcategory1 to Category2
-- Subcategory2 to Category2
-- Subcategory3 to Category2

I have created a custom taxonomy. Is there a way to change these options to be only parent - selection like this for this specific taxonomy?

- Category1
- Category2


(Is there a hook for this for a taxonomy at all?)

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It can be done but you're going to have to get a bit tricky. You should be able to get the gist of it from the non-hierarchical version of your answer (shibashake.com/wordpress-theme/…). You more or less need to apply the same concept to categories and add the JS handler to populate the second select box. – Imperative Ideas Oct 10 '13 at 8:32
@ImperativeIdeas - Thanks for your línk! I thought the basic idea behind that link was very good, but I think it complicated to much for that special case I had. I've answered myself, so someone else hopefully might got helped in the future. – bestprogrammerintheworld Oct 10 '13 at 15:27

If someone else stumble upon this kind of question, here's my solution to it: (without having to mangage any metaboxes etc)


//Function only showing parent categories when editing or adding new category-courses
function categorycourses_edit_form_fields() {
    <script type="text/javascript">
    jQuery(document).ready( function($) {
       var level = 1;
       //Go down in hierarchy from level1 and remove each level until there are no levels anymore
       //Don't do anything with level-0 because we want to show parent-categories
       while ( level < $("form .form-field #parent").find(".level-" +  level).length>0 ) { 
            $("form .form-field #parent").find(".level-1").remove(); //Remove level

(categorycourses is a taxonomy, and if you wish to use the code just change the taxonomy like



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