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We have is_category() for categories, however I m not getting a conditional tags for subcategories, I want to enqueue script only on subcategories but on the parent. So lets say I have a parent category 'fun' which has several sub categories like 'stories', 'arts', 'crafts' . How do I load script only for the subcategory but not for parent 'fun'?


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You can check if a category has a parent, if it does it is a child category.

if( is_category() ){
    $this_category = get_queried_object();
    if( 0 != $this_category->parent ){
        echo 'category has parent';
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[Unlike is_category()] in_category() tests only against a post's assigned categories, not ancestors (parents) of those categories.

Testing if a post is in a descendant category

So, in_category is probably what you are after.

Based on the example cited in your question, you'd do something like this:

if( in_category( array( 'stories', 'arts', 'crafts' ) ) ) {

    // Do what you want...

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