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I have a menu with a long list of submenu items. I'd like to split that up into columns and the easiest way in my mind would be to have them split up into multiple . Is there a way to do this?

Alternatively, I've currently have the submenu items in four different menus (so that I can display them in four columns in the footer). Is it possible to put those menus in my main menu as submenu items?

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You can use the Walker class to customize your menus however you like.

A simple example of using Walker to create a custom menu can be found on the official WordPress Codex, here:


To do what you want using Walker, you would probably want to ensure that your menu has X parent items (where X is the number of columns you want), and each of your menu items is organized under one of those.

You would then use the Walker::start_lvl() and Walker::end_lvl() to output the container HTML for each of your columns, and Walker::start_el() to output each individual item.

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