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I have created my own custom WordPress theme and am now trying to implement the custom menu.

I noticed with the default theme that when I went to Appearance > Menus, I was able to create my menu based on the pages I had, but after installing my own custom theme, I could not locate Appearance > Menus. And by that I mean there was no Menus option under Appearance in WordPress.

So now I do not know how to go about it, because this is my first WordPress site.

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Directly from the codex:

Navigation Menu is a theme feature introduced with Version 3.0. WordPress includes an easy to use mechanism for introducing customised navigation menus into a theme. In order to incorporate menu support into your theme, you need to add a few code segments to your theme files.

You should familiarize yourself with how to add those to a theme.
You will primarily need register_nav_menus and wp_nav_menu.

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