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Recently I install one plugin. After installing the "bookingwizz" plugin, the menu added in menu. Under bookingwizz I now have some submenu as well. Now I don't need all those menu items, but want to keep some and change some name and remove some. So how would I do that? I tried to search in that plugins file and also in database, but never found anything. Here's a screenshot of the menu

enter image description here

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Pleas use proper lower-/upper case characters. This is no chat. – kaiser Sep 29 '13 at 5:31
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Solution using Codes

To hide a menu from a plugin menu, you need to look for the plugin hook. And after finding the hook, remove_submenu_page() will help you to achieve the desired task done. Using the hook and the remove_submenu_page(), you can remove the submenu exactly from that plugin.

For a complete understanding of the whole, refer to the article like:

The Complete Guide To The WordPress Settings API - Tom McFarlin

Then to know how to unset something you may refer to this WPSE thread.

Easy Solution

But for an easy solution, you can use Adminize, a free WordPress plugin that will assist you to show/hide certain menu and/or services by the admin roles:

Adminize - WordPress Plugin

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thank you so much.. i tried adminize.. its easy :) – Accore LTD Sep 29 '13 at 9:49

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