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I'm building a plugin that will have a custom sign up process built in. I would like the users to be able to change their username if needed, since I am using their email address as the username. I have set up a custom role that is assigned to them on sign up. I won't be using posts at all for these roles, it's a donation plugin so it will be storing transactions and other info all in the user meta table. I just want to know if there are any drawbacks, issues, with changing the username?

Here is the function I will be using to change the username:

function change_username( $user_id, $username ) {

    global $wpdb;

            'user_login'    => $username,
            'user_email'    => $username,
            'user_nicename' => preg_replace( "![^a-z0-9]+!i", "-", $username )
            'ID' => $user_id


Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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