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I'm tinkering with the following scenario which includes WordPress, bbPress, BuddyPress and WooCommerce.

My understanding is that currently WooCommerce does not support multisite. If one goes multisite, one gets a separate instance of WooCommerce for each site in the network. But this is troublesome, there would be no syncing of stock, price updates, sales, etc.

Suppose though that my purpose is not having multisite, but multilingual. I need the same content of my main site translated but I need a different domain for each locale. And this multilingual setup should have only with one instance of WooCommerce.

How do I achieve a setup where:

  1. I have a single instance of WordPress, BuddyPress, bbPress and WooCommerce
  2. I want to translate this instance in multiple languages
  3. each language gets its own domain (not subdomain)
  4. content that is not translated just does not appear in domains where the translation is missing
  5. I can translate permalinks according to language (silly example: if I have a post-type called "horse" in the English site, the post type archive would be englishdomain.com/horse/ but can I get spanishdomain.com/caballo/ for Spanish? and the same logic for single posts and everything else.

Is that even possible? What solutions could I use?

If it's impossible or cumbersome to achieve, do you have an alternative approach to suggest? The most important points is to have centralized shop and users, but different domain per language (possibly with localized permalinks).


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