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I recently subscribed for VideoPress for $60 a month. I had to sign into my WordPress account which is linked to my jetpack for my self hosted WordPress site. When I uploaded a video and embedded it on my post I got this message:

VideoPress Error

http://www.MYSITEHERE.com is not an allowed embed site.

Publisher limits playback of video embeds.

Note: I removed my actual domain with "MYSITEHERE".

I tried to contact Jetpack support, but they did not respond in a couple of days now, so I thought I'd try the forums as directed by the VideoPress support pages.

I believe that because I had to signup for VideoPress by signing into WordPress.com it added the feature to MYSITEHERE.wordpress.com.

How do I connect my self-hosted WordPress blog to VidepPress via Jetpack? Is that the problem? What am I missing?


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Did you try adding your site to the allowed domain list?

More info: http://en.support.wordpress.com/videopress/restrict-videopress-playback-by-domain/

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I don't see that option available. I am not useing the VidepPress plugin. I am using VidepPress via Jetpack. Here is a screenshot: i.imgur.com/X3rey77.png –  user38387 Sep 21 '13 at 17:35

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