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Plugins used: Gravity Forms Product Add-ons and Woocommerce

When adding a product to the cart that has a Gravity Form attached to it, it displays the entries from the form in the checkout. So for example, if the product was a shirt and the user typed in Large, then the cart would show "Size: Large". This carries over to the checkout page with the same text.

I need to display that same text in the user Account Page with their order after they purchase it. I have to use Gravity Forms rather than product variations because I need the user to be able to type in their answer rather than select it from a drop down menu.

I've been trying for a while and I have some code, but I think I'm headed in the wrong direction. Can anyone help me?

Here's the code I have so far, which returns every entry for the field I want from every user. Again, like I said, I think this is not the right direction, but I'm not really sure how else to go about it.

$form_id = RGFormsModel::get_form_id('Domains');
$form = GFFormsModel::get_form_meta($form_id);
$field = GFFormsModel::get_field($form, 1);
$leads = RGFormsModel::get_leads($form['id']);

foreach($leads as $lead)
    foreach($field as $field_id)
        $value = rgar($lead, (string) $field_id);
        echo $value;

I even got desperate and tried to create a session variable from within the gravityforms-product-addons.php file. That didn't work either.

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