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I'm using a Contact Form 7 filter to take action after the email is sent. How can I limit this action to only one form? There are multiple forms on different pages, and I don't want this action to run after every form, only one specific form.

I tried limiting the action to the page where the form is using an if clause, but then the "action" doesn't complete. Once I remove the if clause, then the action works.

function foo() {

   if(is_page('bar') {

     // some action
add_action( 'wpcf7_mail_sent', 'foo', 1 );
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You know the id of the form from the shortcode, you can do stuff just for that particular form. Here's some sample code for that, just replace $myform_id with your form id:

add_action( 'wpcf7_mail_sent', 'wp190913_wpcf7' );

 * Do stuff for my contact form form. This function shouldn't return aything
 * @param WPCF7_ContactForm $contact_form wpcf7 object, passed by refference
function wp190913_wpcf7( $contact_form ) {

    // Not my desired form? bail
    if ( $contact_form->id !== $myform_id )

    // Do stuff for my contact form
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