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I have a unique use of sub menu or secondary menu in my theme build.

When a user navigates to a neighborhood page (in this example Dupont Circle) a sub-menu appears.

This menu will appear in all Neighborhood pages BUT they will all link to their specific versions of the same page template.

This screencast visually illustrates the question that i have.

Otherwise here is the written out question:

What i'm basically trying to do here is a create a sub-menu on all internal neighborhood pages (27 of them) but in each instance of the menu have it link to the appropriate version of the content that is relevant to the neighborhood page it's on.

For example if i'm on neighborhood "Dupont Circle" and this sub-navigation now appears on this page (and all neighborhood pages) and it has links to Places, Points of Interest, History, and Gallery then when the user clicks on any of these links they are taken to the specific content relevant to Dupont Circle for those generic links.

Would i have to create a new sub-menu for every neighborhood just so that i can control what page it should link to? Or is there a more logical and less bloated way to do this?

Thank you to anyone that takes the time to answer.

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