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I want to have custom main menu markup in my Wordpress template. I want it to fit Zurb Foundation markup - to be specific - for submenus.

I've figured out how to customize class & id if list items in navigation. But now I want to conditionally apply proper class to list item which contains submenu (so I can apply proper styling & behavior for dropdown).

So I want to achieve this:

    <li class="has-dropdown"><a href="#">Some Link</a>
            <ul class="dropdown">
              <li><label>Some Label</label></li>
              <li><a href="#">Some Link</a></li>

I want to be able to edit also the (multiple) label of (parts of) submenus etc.

I understand what this may require is to create a custom Walker class, etc.

How I may go about achieving this, what will I put (if) in that class, and where I may put that file/class and how to have it required/included/autoloaded in my template files.

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