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I need to sometimes show a field value with quotation marks at the beginning and end. The custom field has been created using the (latest) Custom Content Types Management plugin, and my WordPress version is 3.6.1.

When I type the field, which includes quotes in a (custom) post at the beginning and end, it accepts it, and displays it correctly. However, when I relook at the "edit post" screen, the quote marks have disappeared - and therefore don't show on the public side if I add smomething else and update the post. I've tried 'escaping' the quotes by preceding them with a slash - but the result is the same.

Is this a new behaviour in 3.6.1? Or has it been happening before and I've only just noticed? Can anyone suggest a solution? (I don't always need the field to start and end with quote marks, so I can't include them in the template instead, as I've done with other fields.)

An example is here - the field in question is the text listed as "Highlights". In the case of this example, I DON'T need quote marks. In the fields above and below, which have them, they always have them so they're embedded in the template.

Any suggestions / advice?

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