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I'm looking for a plugin or some sort of script where a simple pop-up comes up and asks for a visitors e-mail for a newsletter. The client is stressing it be a pop-up of some sort. Any ideas?


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As a side-note, also consider suggesting an alternative method of collecting visitors data to your client. Those popups are really a pain for the user and are generally not recommended. – mike23 Jun 7 '11 at 9:59
I would advise that you visit Stack Overflow and search for questions such as "javascript lightbox/popup". I would also strongly recommend against doing this. It will drive users away and damage your clients reputation, aside from being quite annoying. – Tom J Nowell Feb 27 '14 at 12:06

You can completely write that by Javascript, using a jQUery lightbox plugin, follow these step:

  • add a "hidden" link to your page, when its "click" event is fired, that will pops your form (we'll make the fake click event later)
  • create HTML markup for the popup form
  • enqueue jQuery lightbox plugin (you may choose Colorbox, Thickbox, PrettyPhoto, etc.)
  • enqueue jQuery cookie plugin (for prevent the popup on every page load, we just want to show it when user first go to the page)
  • enqueue your custom script

In the custom script, you should:

  • make a fake click event to your "hidden" link, like this: $('#popup-link').click();
  • set a cookie for your user, maybe 1 day

The Popup Dominition is a bit more complicated. It does exactly the same thing but has option to allow us to show popups after some impressions. It also has some more built-in styles for the popup form.

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There is a popular Pop Up Domination plugin (paid one), for just that. I don't think we have a free one and that's why the internet is so easy to browse right now else every site would have it.

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