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Recently, I purchased a theme from AIT-Themes.com, a company dedicated to Wordpress theme development. I purchased the Directory theme, and here is a page from that theme I'd like to be considered:


Please notice the less than exciting image to the left of the text.

AIT then released another theme based on that architecture, and here is the same (but different) page to compare:


Notice the nice gallery as compared to the thumbnail in Directory.

Ultimately, I want to exactly reproduce this functionality. Looking at the HTML of TourOperator, I can see where it says jcarousel-item.

A search for 'jcarousel' gallery plugins brought up enough results to make me dizzy.

If this is an already existing, community created plugin, is there a way to determine what that is so I can install?


Is there a way to tell if this is a custom plugin created by the AIT theme? Looking at the javascript (script.js lines 6, then 46-109) I see "ShortCodeCarousel()" and related code for that gallery.

I get the impression from this that is a custom shortcode they created with supporting Javascript.

If that's the case, I'm happy to buy the TourOperator theme and do a bit of code migration.

However, if that's not the case, and this is already an existing plugin, of course I'd rather use that, so please let me know how I can recognize it.

Ultimately, again, I'm trying to reproduce that gallery on the Directory layout page. If you have suggestions how to do that, please leave a comment, or suggest a plugin that will allow similar functionality via a shortcode. Note, while I'm comfortable with PHP, I've got about 48 hours experience total with Wordpress as of this writing.

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