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With a nice solution I edited my .htaccess to do a permanent redirection to my blog.

It's working fine.

suddenly one of my plugin "Better WP Security" is peaking some 404 error that occurred due to the redirection is NOT WORKING, like: /2012/02/22/off-track-bandorban-2012. Using the "Omnisearch" from "JetPack" I search with the 404 URI reported by the plugin, and find the link inside the post, and then just edit it to /off-track-bandorban-2012, and it works. After then the 404 doesn't log.

I'm also using a plugin named "Redirection". When I did the .htaccess tweak, I found an entry exactly translating toscho's solution, saying that it'll redirect the archive-linked-posts to simple-posts. And now it's still showing so, but I think the redirection is not working.

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