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I've managed to add a custom tab to the media uploader, but for some reason it doesn't come with the same layout - it doesn't load the media-uploader-header that contain all the other tabs:

  add_filter('media_upload_tabs', 'my_media_upload_tabs_filter');

function my_media_upload_tabs_filter($tabs) {
        $newtab = array('ell_insert_gmap_tab' => __('Google Map','insertgmap'));

        return array_merge($tabs,$newtab);

add_action('media_upload_ell_insert_gmap_tab', 'media_upload_ell_gmap_tab');

function media_upload_ell_gmap_tab() {
    return wp_iframe('media_upload_ell_gmap_form', $errors );

function media_upload_ell_gmap_form() {
    <h2>HTML Form</h2>



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found it. in the automattic SVN for media.php i found the media_upload_header() function, and the only thing left to do is to echo it in the last function:

function media_upload_ell_gmap_form() {
    echo media_upload_header();
    <h2>HTML Form</h2>


that's it.

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and this also works. – Asaf Chertkoff Mar 9 '11 at 12:27

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