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I include this logic in my template all the time

if ( have_posts() ):
 //show content
 //show content not found

But recently I began to doubt its necessity, WordPress will turn to 404.php when no post found, it seems no need to add this logic in normal templates, else will never be triggered, is it?

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When I look at WP::handle_404(), I think that the 404.php template will not be loaded, even if there are no posts, if:

  • We are on the homepage
  • It is a search
  • It is a taxonomy term that exists, but has no posts attached to it (and it's not paged)
  • It is an author that exists, which has written no posts (yet) (and it's not paged)

So in these template files, have_posts() can be useful.

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Makes sense. I've run into a case myself when loading the standard 404 template would not be desirable. – scribu May 6 '11 at 1:27

No, in most cases it's not needed.

if ( have_posts() ) would only be useful on the index.php file, if you don't have a 404.php template.

And even in that case, you could use is_404() instead.

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When I look at the code, I see some cases where the 404.php file will not be loaded. I provided details in my answer. – Jan Fabry May 5 '11 at 7:32

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