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I have a concept that want to apply to my Wordpress Theme.

  1. I want to add a costume field to registration form (easy, ok)
  2. the field can be filled later in profile, but must be field in 30 days, otherwise account will be deleted. (big issue)
  3. the field will be validated according to a database table. (some issue)

I think the 1st step is rather easy to resolve, but 2nd and 3rd I have no idea how to start.

for 2, I wonder what is the file related to extra field validation for the user profile? is there a wp_command that directly validate the field according to info in a database table? is there a wp_command to delete user or lock user?

for 3, I was thinking use front end ajax + jQuery to do that, but then I realize a person tricky enough to disable javaScript will cause problem, so I was wondering what is the php in WP way of doing the validation of certain text in the specific field upon submission of the profile update?

Sorry if the trouble is long... but I been thinking about this for a bit, but find no resolution yet.


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