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So, below is the Wordpress default generated code for a gallery item:

<div id='gallery-1' class='gallery galleryid-203 gallery-columns-3 gallery-size-thumbnail'>
    <dl class='gallery-item'>
        <dt class='gallery-icon landscape'>
                <a href='image url'><img width="150" height="120" src="thumbnail image" class="attachment-thumbnail"/></a>
        <dd class='wp-caption-text gallery-caption'>Caption Text</dd>

What I need, is to surround the caption text with the image url, so when the user clicks on the caption it will open the big image, like this:

<dd class='wp-caption-text gallery-caption'><a href="image url">Caption Text</a></dd>

I know I can do this via image gallery with a href in the caption text, but the site is for a client and I want to be done dynamically.

I also found that this can be done in media.php (via functions.php), but I don't know how...

I hope I've made myself clear :)

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That markup is created by the caption shortcode. If you look at the the source for that shortcode you will see this:

 // Allow plugins/themes to override the default caption template.
 $output = apply_filters('img_caption_shortcode', '', $attr, $content);
 if ( $output != '' )
  return $output;

That means that you can hook a function into img_caption_shortcode and completely hijack the caption shortcode. So copy the code from line ~643 to the end of the function, insert that into your own function, hook that to img_caption_shortcode, and make whatever changes you need to get the markup you want.

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Thank's for the answer, but I was thinking that I should alter this code: return '<div ' . $id . 'class="wp-caption ' . esc_attr($align) . '" style="width: ' . (10 + (int) $width) . 'px">' 656 . do_shortcode( $content ) . '<p class="wp-caption-text">' . $caption . '</p></div>'; – Cristian T Sep 6 '13 at 14:27
Yes, you should alter that code, but you should do so the way I explained and not by hacking Core files. – s_ha_dum Sep 6 '13 at 14:37
Ok, as you see I know where to modify, but the problem is I don't know how, could you please provide me the code? Of course I will not alter the media.php, I will insert the code into functions.php. thank you. – Cristian T Sep 6 '13 at 14:59
I will see what I can do a little later – s_ha_dum Sep 6 '13 at 15:08

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