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By default the 'all posts' page contains the following filters

  • by date
  • by category

Is there a way I can add 'by tags' as well ?enter image description here

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are you want to replace categories dropdown filter with tags? – Anjum Sep 4 '13 at 18:23

User 'restrict_manage_posts' filter to add another filter. Use the following code in functions.php

function kc_add_taxonomy_filters() {
global $typenow;

// an array of all the taxonomyies you want to display. Use the taxonomy name or slug
$my_taxonomies = array(  'post_tag' );

    case 'post':

        foreach ($my_taxonomies as $tax_slug) {

                    $tax_obj = get_taxonomy($tax_slug);
                    $tax_name = $tax_obj->labels->name;
                    $terms = get_terms($tax_slug);
                    if(count($terms) > 0) {
                        echo "<select name='$tax_slug' id='$tax_slug' class='postform alignleft actions'>";
                        echo "<option value=''>Show All $tax_name</option>";
                        foreach ($terms as $term) {
                            echo '<option value="', $term->slug,'" ',selected( @$_GET[$tax_slug] == $term->slug , $current = true, $echo = false ) , '>' , $term->name ,' (' , $term->count ,')</option>';
                        echo "</select>";


add_action( 'restrict_manage_posts', 'kc_add_taxonomy_filters' );
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