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Sorry, had to have fun with the title.

Trying to get W3 Total Cache working on my multisite install of WP 3.6. So far, it's been nothing but broken. I could use some advice.

  1. WordPress is running from its own directory (not the root directory). It appears that W3TC hard-codes where it expects wp-load.php to be. I can modify w3tc-wp-loader.php to manually point to this new directory, but every time I change a setting in W3TC options, it re-writes this file. Not a deal killer but a real pain. Is there no way to make W3TC a little more aware of its installation environment?

  2. Once I enable Minify, I get nothing but "Can't modify headers" warnings. Yes, I have WP_DEBUG turned on in my dev environment where I am testing W3TC prior to deploying it to the live site. These PHP errors are being written out through the minify process, so all the .js and .css files are corrupted and so nothing works. Obviously, disabling warnings or turning off WP_DEBUG would do the trick, but that's not a good option, is it?

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Ideally you'd be deploying to a staging environment before going live. I don't believe W3TC expects WP to be running in root - I've frequently used it on subdirectory installs. What is the full cannot modify error message? –  vancoder Sep 3 '13 at 21:03

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