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I've been using tel: links in Custom Menus combined with Responsive Design to add a "Call Now" button to my themes for smartphones. It's been working well. A client just asked me to also add a "Send Text" button. I thought I would use sms: which seems to have passable device support.

However, WordPress is stripping it out of the URL when I save the menu. After research, I concluded it has something to do with esc_url() and/or wp_kses() (see Trac ticket #18268). I concocted the following code in an effort to add the SMS protocol myself and put in it functions.php:

function add_new_protocol() {
    global $protocols;
    $new_protocols = array( 'sms' );

    return array_merge( $protocols, $new_protocols );
add_filter('pre_kses', 'add_new_protocol');

It didn't work :) This was a bit of a shot in the dark; I'm still pretty green at using filters etc. I would love a pointer on the correct method for adding new protocols to Wordpress for use in Custom Menus.

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You need to use the kses_allowed_protocols filter:

function wpse_allow_sms_protocol( $protocols ) {
    $protocols[] = 'sms';
    return $protocols;

add_filter( 'kses_allowed_protocols', 'wpse_allow_sms_protocol' );
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