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I am using woocommerce2.0.13 to showcase products for a wholesale selling business. we have products exclusively available to customers. So customers are our registered members and they can see only the products that they are subscribed to. Also they should not see the price of th eproduct until logged in. The shop is offline, so I have hidden add to cart and checkout functionality.

Can you plz suggest how to achieve the restricted access to products and price. Also how to manage the customers? I have just used basic woocommerce plugin. Plz suggest me any extensions?

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I purchased WooCommerce Prices by User (http://codecanyon.net/item/woocommerce-prices-by-user-role/8562616) today to see how they have done it.

As it does not work 100% the way I like it, I plan on making my own very light version of this concept: just an extra tab in the Product Data panel where you can select the user roles that are allowed access to the product (as in they can add it to their cart). Rest should just be handle under the hood in the frontend of the webshop.

Also plan on making it compatible with the upcoming version of the Members plugin by Justin Tadlock, which will allow support for multiple roles per user, so you can then differentiate even further in a very simple fashion.

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Try plug-in > WooCommerce Catalog Visibility Options

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