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http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14802251/hook-into-the-wordpress-theme-customizer-save-action show me i can save settings of the Theme Customizer to a file. Like:

add_action( 'customize_save_after', 'save_css',10);
function save_css($c)

        $values = json_decode( wp_unslash( $_POST['customized'] ), true );

            $fp = fopen(get_template_directory().'/css/custom.css', 'w+');
            fwrite($fp, '.xs{width:100%;}'."\n");

This will work if the file exists and is writable. Now i want show the user an error when the file is not writable. So how do i show an error to the user in the Theme Customizer? (from the save_css function)

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