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I'm working on a new plugin that provides shortcodes specifically for ShoutIRC users in Wordpress. This is done by running PHP queries and pulling the results via jQuery.load

I'm a long long way off yet, but I am having one issue.

Here's an example of a page I am pulling: http://lotus.fillyradio.com/fillyradio/request/browse.php?pl=Autodj&s=Atmospheric+Pony+Music&f=Album

This page is then pulled into the Wordpress page, like so: http://lotus.fillyradio.com/fillyradio/?audio=atmospheric-pony-music

Here's my problem. If you click on the "Request" button below the table, you can see that it displays a nice little box. This is thanks to PrettyPhoto.

However, even though the links in the table specify that they too are supposed to open in a nice PrettyPhoto box, they don't.

They open up a nice, ugly new page.

So what's my goal here? To have the ".load"ed parts of the page behave according to the jQuery that's being used on the page. How can I do that?

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