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How do you use wp_handle_upload function and apply_filter together to upload files on a specific path? What is going to be the override?

For example:

$overrides = array('file' => 'C:\\uploads\\filename.pdf','message' => 'File written');

or something like that? Or is this the right code?

The real question in here is: what $overrides can be used as the key to this associative array?

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You need to specify a list of allowed mime types.

You could make it easy by just getting the allowed mime types like:

$file = $_FILES['the-file'];
$upload_file = wp_handle_upload($file, array(
    'test_form' => false,
    'mimes' => get_allowed_mime_types()

If you look at the codex for Default allowed mime types, you could manually specify which ever mime types you want in that format.

An example would be like this answer.

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