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I'm trying to display $_FILES in wp-admin, and I've been using add_filter and apply_filter, but it does not seem to show the $_FILES array values. My goal is to show the values in $_FILES so I can upload it to a specified directory (But this is going to be in the future).

Upload Screen Meta Box

function upload_screen() { 
  echo "<br>";
  echo 'Upload Files<input type="file" name="" /><br>';

The next function should return the file array (this is where the problem lies). So I tried using add_filter, but does not seem to work.

File Upload Function but return $file array for now.

function demo_fileupload($file) {
  return $file;

Add Filter

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In order to show $_FILES or $_POST, you will need to create a sumbenu_page under the post_type. Then, you will be able to manipulate $_FILES and $_POST in whichever way you want.

This means that upload_screen() function should be a submenu page.

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