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A crossover between technical and design aspect here.

The website and example category is: http://www.talkativebroadcasting.co.uk/btcc/

I want users on the BTCC category to be asked if they want to subscribe using the following methods: http://www.talkativebroadcasting.co.uk/btcc-page/

Once they have been on the site for a set amount of time/or a set amount of pages. I then don't want it to bother the user for a few days or something.

So basically, what would be the least annoying, but still obvious way of poking a visitor towards subscribing without annoying the hell out of them.

Then I need a different subscription option per category for example: talkativebroadcasting.co.uk/cla-gamefair/

and Subscription page: talkativebroadcasting.co.uk/cla-gamefair-page/

Many thanks :)

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Have you written any of the code for this? Can you post that code? –  Charles Clarkson Aug 30 '13 at 0:15

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