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I have a CPT archive page and I want to create a navigation menu which will jump to anchors in the form

<a name="post-slug" http="{the permalink goes here}>The CPT Title</a>

I have been able to create the anchors in the template file so that's not a problem

For the links themselves at the top of the page I could either create them manually or by using custom links in the WordPress menu system .... but there are a good few so what I would rather try to do is to create a regular menu in the WordPress menu system. The problem with this is that I would need to adjust it's output somehow to change the regular links

href = "http://example.com/post-slug"

to something more like

href = "/#post-slug"

I am wondering is there any way I can adjust wp_nav_menu() to do this ... or is there any other technique that I could use

NB. For clarity here please note that I am not referring to anchors within the editor or anything to do with the editor, this is entirely to do with template files and the WordPress Menu System and I won't be using the editor at all in this instance.

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Got it --- needed to use a walker function. I used a slightly modified version of the one in this tutorial

The main thing I modified was changing

$attributes .= ! empty( $item->url ) ? ' href="' . esc_attr( $item->url) .'"' : '';


$attributes .= ' href="#' . esc_attr( basename(get_permalink()) ) .'"' ;

but I will probably refactor the whole thing

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