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I am trying to add some ACF fields to the WooCommerce Attribute Creator, but I cannot find which rule to add it to. I can find attributes I have already created (in Taxonomy Term Add/Edit), but it only applies the fields to the child terms, not as an option of the Attribute itself. Can anyone either point out to me where it is stored (if I have been a fool and not seen it), or how to modify the code/a resource on how to modify the code/a plugin that can inject a new Location Rule into ACF?

I am trying to do this so I can add a short message (a help for customers) for certain Attributes that I have used as Variations, and are not self explanatory.

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Couldn't find it, so in the end I opted for a more archaic implementation. I created a new Post Type containing: a field that the user has to manually enter the name of the Attribute that this is used for; a field that is used for selecting the page that contains the relevant data; and an image field for the link.

A little messy as the user has to manually fill in the name, and if there are any changes, and it'll stop working, but it works as is needed

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