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I am trying to create a custom Menu by using the WordPress add_menu_page() function. I think I understand the whole function parameters as Codex point it out as:

      add_menu_page( $page_title,
                     $position ); 

The only problem which I have is how to point to an existing WP icons liketool, edit, upload and so on.., in $icon_url? I already find this post but I coulnt' figute it out how to add style to div at:

               'custom menu title', 
               'custom menu', 
               'div', //this part

inside of my .php file?!

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The link you provided has the answer, given by Otto as a comment:

Short answer is that you can't. Not only using add_menu_page like that. Those icons WordPress uses are added as background images via CSS, not using the icon_url method that is provided with add_menu_page.

As you said the syntax is:

syntax: add_menu_page( $page_title*, $menu_title*, $capability*, $menu_slug*, $function, $icon_url, $position ); - * required

So I used my custom icon (home.png), placed in a folder (/my_theme/admin/images/) as:

    'Site Options',                     // The title to be displayed on the corresponding page for this menu  
    'Site Options',                     // The text to be displayed for this actual menu item  
    'manage_options',                   // Which type of users can see this menu  
    'sandbox',                          // The unique ID - that is, the slug - for this menu item  
    'sandbox_menu_page_display',    // The name of the function to call when rendering the menu for this page
    get_bloginfo( template_directory ) . '/admin/images/home.png'   // Icon for the Main menu in Admin panel
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