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I copied the htdocs via FTP from the server which hosts my wordpress blog. Moreover, I used phpMyAdmin to export the MySQL database.

When I move to a new server, can I just create a database, run the SQL script and copy the backed up data to the new server's htdocs to rebuild the blog exactly as it was?

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In general - Yes.

Make sure that the file and directory permissions are appropriate. In case the URL of your website changes, you would have to do a find/replace. Read more about it in the links below. Also, 'update permalinks' once you have access to the Dashboard.


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The domain name will be transferred while the ip address will change, but that shouldn't be an issue I think. Okay, makes sense to update permalinks so that proper .htaccess files are created. – danijar Aug 16 '13 at 12:34

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