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i use a like %text% statement in wordpress:

SELECT *  FROM location  WHERE name LIKE "%on" OR name LIKE "%on%"

i tried anything but it's not run:

$wpdb->get_results($wpdb -> prepare("SELECT *  FROM location  WHERE name LIKE %1s OR name LIKE %2s", '%'.like_escape('on'), '%'.like_escape('on').'%'), ARRAY_A);

please help me

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$wpdb->prepare() doesn't actually fully support sprintf() placeholders.

From the Codex:

The query parameter for prepare accepts sprintf()-like placeholders. The %s (string), %d (integer) and %f (float) formats are supported.

It's not entirely obvious from that but the argument swapping formats (e.g. %1$d) are not supported (in any case you have the incorrect syntax: it should be %2$s instead of %2s)

global $wpdb;
        "SELECT *  FROM location  
         WHERE name LIKE %s OR name LIKE %s", 
), ARRAY_A);

I'm assuming 'on' might be replaced by a unknown value - otherwise $wpdb->prepare() isn't necessary. On an unrelated note, the second condition in your SQL makes the first obsolete.

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very clearly, thanks you so much – rocky Aug 15 '13 at 14:41

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