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My function to detect is a gallery is on a page has broken and Im not sure why. So in my theme template's attachment page Im calling this function:

global $post;

$parent_id = $post->post_parent;

if ( strpos(get_post($parent_id)->post_content,'[gallery ') == false ){
    $navigation_markup = 'no gallery';
}else{ $navigation_markup = 'theres a gallery!' }

It USED to work, but last night I noticed that it stopped and I'm not sure why.

if the only (or first) thing in a post/page is [gallery id="1,2,3,4,5"] my function fails. However, if I add a space, or any character really it passes and detects the gallery.

So something about [gallery being in the very first position returns false.

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It happens because strpos returns 0 (zero index position) when gallery shortcode is at the start of the content which is treated as false by the if condition.

Solution is to use Identical operator === in condition to check if the return value is a boolean false.

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With WordPress 3.6 you can use this new function :

if( function_exists('has_shortcode') 
    && has_shortcode( get_post($parent_id)->post_content, 'gallery' )  )     {
    } else {
       //maybe your function as fallback for previous versions of WP
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