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I'm using the following plugin:


It as a textarea which enables the user to post a question. The author told me how to allow html on it.

But I was wondering how to add a buttons which enables the user to use html, say, attaching a link to a word (like you do here at StackExchange sites).

I think the same should apply to commenting forms.

Any suggestions?

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It's a JavaScript editor just like the one used in a new/edit post/page editor only here the editor is:

WMD-Editor (i think)

and WordPress uses an editor named: TinyMCE

In both cases it's a matter of attaching the editor to a textarea. you can use Dean's FCKEditor For WordPress which uses the powerful WYSIWYG CKeditor and integrates it into the comments textarea.

Update i just saw this http://c.hadcoleman.com/wordpress-plugins/wmd-editor-wordpress-plugin/ which is just what you need.

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@Yeah I think that it is thanks. – janoChen Mar 3 '11 at 12:22

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