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I have a page that requires a different underline color for each first letter on all H2's in every "neighborhood" and there are 27 of them. I'm using a SASS variable for the hex color $a.

The current CSS I have is:

h2:first-letter {
  border-bottom: 4px solid $a;
  padding-bottom: 10px;

But since in every neighborhood page I need it to have a new color how would I be able to change it in the field type on that particular page?

In other words say the client wants to change the color in the future to something else how essentially can I allow them to change the CSS value from the WP admin edit Page area?

Hope this makes sense as it will unlock some other more challenging questions I'm yet to post in hopes that the answer provided for this question will help me better understand how i would approach another similar problem like how to allow the client to change the background color of a specific container within each page as well.

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I would suggest that you look into "Theme Options", the Theme Customization API, and custom post meta. See if any of that looks like what you are looking for. – s_ha_dum Aug 11 '13 at 17:19
@s_ha_dum great i'll do that thanks. – MARS Sep 18 '13 at 16:54

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