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Is there a way to add a shortcode to a page, in order for that to display the subcategories of a category? (not the products themselves)

I know that you can configure Woocommerce to display it, but I need to have it on a page, so that I can hide it via UAM plugin.

I am aware of the shortcode:

[product_categories number="12" parent="0"]

But that displays only the top categories. I need the child categories of one top category.

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You could easily display the category widget from WooCommerce in a page template using :


The code with parameters can be find in woocommerce\classes\widgets\class-wc-widget-product-categories.php

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Thanks for the answer, but i would rather solve it without the use of PHP code. I hope there is a way. – Sofus Albertsen Aug 9 '13 at 12:32

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