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I have been thinking about this recently and I feel like I should provide an option in my theme for alternate titles so users can provide alternate titles on special pages like About us (they can show Company Name or whatever), and so on. You get it what I mean.

So my only concern is and what I am asking is should:

a) User change all page title, like providing different title to Search Engine and showing different title to users

b) User use same alternate title for Search Engine one?

Note: I use YOAST SEO plugin, and SE title field is being referred here along with title in main content.

Note: If I / user is going to use alternate title, it means he don't like the original title, and that means we will have 3 titles for a single page (or post),

1) Default title which user don't like

2) Alternate title user showing to visitors

3) SEO title (it can be similar to any of the above but chances are users even change this :()

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