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i used wp_editor function to implement editor in a plugin. it is implemented but when i type some text(in visual mode) and hit save. it is not saving the value in options.php. but if i edit (in text mode) enter some text and then if i save at the time it is saving the value in options.php

Here is the sample code

    $editor = get_option('message');
    $opt = array("textarea_name" => "message[textarea]");
    wp_editor( $editor['textarea'], "message[textarea]", $opt );

Why it is saving the values if edit in text mode but not in visual mode? can anyone help?

another format which i tried, here too same problem

Basic (with mandatory required feild)

      $content1 = get_option('val');
      wp_editor( $content1, $editor_id );

Settings Feild

      <?php settings_fields('ex_adder');
            $editor = get_option('message');
            $content1 = get_option('val');

Register settings

    register_setting('ex_adder', 'message');
    register_setting('ex_adder', 'val');

i used this in a function and hooked in admin_init.

There is no bug in saving because it stores values when i edit and save it in text mode,so here there is no problem.

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@s_ha_dum check my edits –  sun Jul 26 '13 at 14:51

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