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How do I change the background color and take the header and menu out from woocoommerce's single product page? I tried custom css on specific post and tried to edit the page and it doesn't work at all. Thank you!

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If you need only hide header and menu by css your code should looks like this:

.single-product {
background: wheat;
.single-product #wrap_header, .single-product #main-menu { /* selector of your header and menu */

And if you need rid of header and menu from source code then you need edit your header.php something like this:

function is_template($templateFile) {
global $template;

    if (  $template===WP_PLUGIN_DIR.'/woocommerce/templates/'.$templateFile ||
          $template===get_stylesheet_directory().'/'.$templateFile || 
          $template===get_stylesheet_directory().'/woocommerce/'.$templateFile ) 
    return true;
 else return false;

if ( !is_template('single-product.php')) {
    //show header and menu
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